Current and Final Issue

January 31, 2014

January 31st, 2009, was my worst day.

This cannot be understated–nor should it be overstated. It was still a day. People still got up and went to work, dropped their kids off at jiu-jitsu, sang along to the radio…but for me and all who knew him, it was a day of immense sadness and loss. He left this little spinning planet of ours and I still have so many questions, new gags, and jokes for him it is difficult to quantify–not to mention all the new-fangled inventions he missed out on (Swiffer Wet-Jet was just the beginning…). But, 5 years later, the ever-evolving-yet-always-the-same Gig of Life continues, and the best we can do is cherish the Oprah-esque “L” trifecta: Lessons, Laughs, and Love.

Because I’m sort of a perfectionist, I am compelled to mention that I have written this “on the fly”. Not because I haven’t thought of it until now (“wait, hold the phone…it’s the 31st of January?”), but rather because I’ve thought of it so constantly that sanity required a healthy little dose of anti-OCD serum. So if you’re like my mom, who said to me yesterday (God bless her sweet soul), “Susan, half the time I have no idea what you’re talking about”, never fear! Because the point of this post is other than my words. It is to re-introduce the newsletter Dan started way back on July 13, 2003*, Babble-On, found on the interwebs at Babble-ONline.

Certainly I’ve written the following before to all you 10 readers out there, but back in 2008, when I thought about The Worst happening–if Dan died–I decided I would become a nun in Africa, or do something extraordinary–become famous! Start a foundation in his honor! Be something Important to justify my existence when his was snuffed out too early. I’m not saying I don’t still think of those things, or feel them as Realities of an ongoing Grief, but I know in my rational mind they aren’t necessary. All I need to do–all any of us need to do, is to live a Happy Life. To make ourselves smile and allow the contagion of our smile to infect! (easier said than done sometimes, right?).

It is in this spirit I re-present the collected editions of Babble-On, the newsletter Dan started in 2003 whose purpose was, in Dan’s words, to promote Fellowship amongst friends and family who would otherwise only communicate at weddings and funerals and 20-year reunions. Additionally, the creative work in Babble-On could serve as a mirror held up to each and every person’s face of their innate (albeit sometimes reluctant) creativity. In layman’s terms, your fart jokes and recipes are more interesting to others than you think!

If I’m honest, sometimes this little “endeavor” drove me crazy. As many of you know, (and you’ll pardon the expression), I can be a bit of an “attention whore”. I likes me some ATTENTION!!! (lookie at the dancing monkey!) But when Dan was in Newsletter Mode, there was no breaking his focus. Even shouting, “Hey, look! It’s a flock of Victoria’s Secret models!” did nothing to distract him. But I loved it because he loved it. And we worked together. And all of us–even those of you reading this who were harassed by a constant stream of emails that sometimes bordered on blackmail or Spam, will probably agree: it was all in fun, and every submission WAS indeed creative. It kept those chained to a desk sane, those stuck in the driver’s seat of a Dodge Caravan amused, and those wishing their children still lived at home, connected.

It is in this spirit of fellowship that I, with the super hero help of the multi-talented Nathan Beach, who has impeccable timing and is responsible for getting this back up online (thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nathan), honor Dan’s memory today, January 31st, 2014. How do I imagine him now? I see him fulfilling his flying dreams, the ones he woke up to saying, “I wish I could go back to sleep–I was having a flying dream”. Flipping and floating around somewhere and laughing at all of us Ants marching down here on Earth.

Babble-On, Dan, Babble-On.

*Note: Click on the “Archives” tab above “Volumes” to find all the back-issues.

One Response to “Current and Final Issue”

  1. Tara Says:

    amazing! his response to today’s connectivity would be epic I am sure!

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